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Bio: I am a Left-Handed Right Winger, Christian Conservative, Extreme Jesus Freak! I Love everyone, especially the Atheist, Humanist, Evolutionist, & LGBTQ. Jesus DOES Love you all, BUT you MUST be willing to Repent of your Sins, And we are All Sinners. There are 2 kind of sinners- the saved ones & the Lost ones. Isaiah 59:1-2... I can assure you that the Bible is 100% CORRECT, 100% of the Time, and you can bet your Eternal Soul on that fact. Retired from the U.S. Navy. Still going out to sea as a Merchant Marine. People get so fanatic about sports, football especially. I would love to see people getting as excited about JESUS as they do for sports- The world would be a whole lot better of a place if that was the case! Evolution is nothing but a Science Fiction Fairy Tale for people that can't handle the Truth- That In The Beginning, GOD Created the Heavens & Earth! Time will prove evolution to be one of the biggest lies ever foisted upon Mankind! Liberalism IS a Serious Mental Disorder!

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    • Ok, here it is. I was baptized my years ago but I was not Born Again I was part of the world then  I was into politics and Mormon Glenn Beck was my idol but I now know the truth about Glenn Beck and Mormonism. I am a former Freemason God brought me out of Freemasonry and in 2015 I watched Pastor Greg Laurie California Harvest Crusade and I realize now I was a sinner in need of a Savior I prayed the prayer he offered and now I know that’s when I was truly Born Again. Now I am indwelt with the Holy Spirit I can feel His presence, He tells me if someone is a false teacher or not and He helps me understand the Word of God when I read it. I love being in church and around other Believers. I’m going to heaven not based on anything I have done or being a good person but because of what Jesus did for me dying on the cross and rising from the dead 3 days later. I am saved by grace through faith alone in Christ Alone!


      • Awesome! Glad you got out of the Masonic Lodge! They are not good. I don’t know if they would be a cult, but I guess you could call it that.
        I am glad you got saved at a Harvest Crusade! I love Greg Laurie, he is a good Bible teacher. Are you in a Calvary Chapel now, or going to Harvest Christian Fellowship? I worship at
        http://www.calvarychapelpearlharbor.com for over 20 years, and I love the simple Bible teachings that they do.
        AMEN on being saved by Grace Alone through Faith Alone! We can never earn nor deserve salvation,it is all from Jesus’ work on the Cross!!!
        Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is not so neat & orderly, like Geri’s is, or others, but I write what is on my mind! I should spend some time improving it one day……
        Anyway, Praise Jesus Now and Forever! Sailor Dale


      • Amen Praise God! I had an interesting conversation with Mormons last year want to hear about it? Your welcome God Bless you Brother can’t wait for the Rapture looking forward to it!


      • Yea, sure! I like the Mormons and the JW’s, they are a mission field that comes to you! BUT, beware, they really know their bible and have been instructed in how to reply. I just keep it on Jesus! They both have the wrong Jesus, and are very deceived by their cult!


      • Ok here it is. I had an interesting talk with some Mormons last year I asked them is Jesus God I think at first the didn’t understand I asked again I think they said yes I asked is Jesus the only way to get to heaven are we save saved by grace through faith and not by works I don’t remember what else I said but is it unusual for them to say yes to those questions I asked? I didn’t plan on talking to them But God had other plans. I will pray that the Lord helps them see what I said is true because it is true because Jesus is The Truth. I stuttered a bit and I quoted Scripture to them like John 1:1 and others. I tried to quote Scripture as best I could I think I messed up a bit I think They were very nice. It was all Him, not me. He spoke to them through me all Him!!


      • That was Awesome, but we must be careful with the words we use, being aware that the Mormons will use the same words, yet have a different meaning. The Mormons believe that Jesus & Lucifer were “spirit brothers” thus making Jesus a created being! (Strike 3, There out!) And they believe that we (people) have existed forever, before we were born here we lived in Heaven with God! Again, a false belief. So, when they say a word, we need to ask them the meaning of it .They also do or did believe in a doctrine that all Mormons in good standing will get their own planet to populate with their wife. Like Adam was god of this Earth, and him & Eve got to populate it. I know that sounds weird, but that is (or was?) one of their doctrines. If you want to study & be a witness to the cults, that is an awesome task! If you can focus on Jesus, and get even a tiny crack in their beliefs, God will water & cause your word to grow in them, and one of them could come out of their false doctrines. That will not happen overnight, but we never know,maybe God will put a cult member in your path that already has been shared with by another Christian, and you (even unknowingly) could water someone else’s seed, and move them closer to wanting out of their cult!
        Study to show thyself approved, and give God the Glory! There are lots of books & web sights run by ex-cult members that will help you with what to study & how to say things.
        Praise Jesus and Best Wishes! If you do chose to be a witness to the cults, please be nice! The Jehovah’s Witnesses become even more entrenched in their cult’s ways when someone is rude or harsh to them, they think they are being persecuted for their faith…(Of course that’s not true, but that’s how they see it!)
        They are nice people,but they have been deceived by their cults…..

        Sailor Dale!

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      • Amen it was all Him afterwards I was like what just happened. Yes they are very nice people but deceived they need Jesus! I agree we as Believers must be nice to them they are in darkness just like we were before we recieved Jesus as Our Savior and Lord!


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