Short Essay – Are You a Flaming, Female, Feminist, Fool, Too?

Sad result of the evils of feminism!

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Melissa Cooper Melissa Cooper with one of her children

Melissa Cooper has two illegitimate children and was living with the father of her last child when, after ten years, he threw her over, and threw her out of his house, for another woman. Now granted, the guy, Christopher Kelley, was obviously a jackass but  no one forced Cooper to live with him or have his child! 

And, gee, I thought feminists are supposed to be in-charge of their sex lives. Duh. Guess not.

Not only did Cooper chose to behave like a live-in prostitute, but she then feigned shock when Kelley chose to end the relationship.

This radical, third-wave feminist fool has only herself to blame and she continues to prove to be her own worst enemy, as she made a

Melissa Cooper and Christopher KelleyMelissa Cooper and Christopher Kelley

disgraceful situation into a public circus, when she sued Kelley for breach of promise.


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2 responses to “Short Essay – Are You a Flaming, Female, Feminist, Fool, Too?

  1. Isn’t that incredible? Naturally this situation is going to be everyone’s fault but her own. Of course, I can’t really feel bad for this guy either. It’s also somewhat ridiculous, this is why we have the institution of marriage. People seem to want to live outside of it, indeed even dismantle marriage entirely…while still enjoying all the benefits.

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