Making Proud Choices!…Still a Problem for Parents

Programs like this are in many middle schools today! This is the Planned Parenthood agenda, they know full well that having “classes” like this in schools will in reality encourage the kids to have sex. Then, when the girls get pregnant, P.P. is right there to sell their main moneymaker- Abortions!
Truly the only choice P.P. wants to give the girls is “Cash or Charge” for that “procedure”…
ABSTINENCE is the ONLY thing that is 100% Effective, 100% of the time it is used!!!

Expose Sex Ed Now!

By Debbie Jones – Charleston, South Carolina

MPC pg 87 Condoms
Revised version of Making Proud Choices! in Charleston, SC. Page 87

Making Proud Choices! is still under consideration by the Charleston County School District for middle and high school. Over the summer, a group of parents reviewed the revised Making Proud Choices! to determine if there was anything of concern contained in it. 

Public protests forced the proponents of Making Proud Choices! to “sanitize” the Facilitator Manual of some content that parents found vulgar and offensive. While we are sure they did their best, the parents found that the messaging remains the same in the revised version. The DVDs, posters, activities, and student workbooks, and handouts, which will also be used, were not edited and remain the same. 

The parents conclude that Making Proud Choices! is still unacceptable, and even harmful for students. It is the mindset of the authors, proponents, and teachers, who would tell these things to our children that bothers us the most.

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