Black Lives Matter??? It should be ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

black-lives-matter_o_5167873I think that the “Black Lives Matter” IS Racist and Bigoted! Because they are saying that BLM more than the truth!!!
If the BLM people would TEACH their people to pay attention in school, and work hard and be productive members of society, (Also PULL UP YOUR PANTS & WEAR PROPERLY FITTING CLOTHES, and stop acting like a gangster hoodlum.) they would find out that the Police are NOT as racist and out of control as they think! Very few police would shoot ANYONE if the actions of the people they were investigating were not threatening or provoking in some way. In general, if you use some common sense and LISTEN & OBEY a Policeman, the chances of being shot by the policeman shrink drastically!
And DON’T LOOT!!! That only hurts your neighbors, because all the business (and jobs) will go away, then you will be worse off than before!!! And another BIG issue is the lack of Fathers in a LOT of black families! You men need to MAN UP and STOP HAVING SEX with a woman that you are not married to!!! And if you do get a woman pregnant, MAN UP & MARRY HER and TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!!!
I am NOT saying that there is no police brutality at all, because they are still people, and power corrupts people in different ways. But, I very seriously doubt that ANY policeman wakes up & thinks about shooting someone today…If you listen & obey a policeman, and you think you were not treated fairly, it is better to just obey for now, then find a good lawyer- there are many that would take a case like that for pro-bono or a reduced fee. It is better to live & challenge the policeman in court than to disobey or threaten him and get shot dead…..

Now, as to the HYPOCRISY of the BLM crowd…You say Black Lives Matter, then you continue to support PLANNED PARENTHOOD,an organization that wants to extinguish as many Black lives as it can…P.P. has killed MORE Black babies than the KKK or ANY other hate group ever could have hoped to…And you STILL think Planned Parenthood is a good outfit????????
Google Margret Sanger & her Negro Project and see the truth in her own words!!! Margret Sanger started P. P. for the sole purpose of eliminating the Black babies…And you stillsupport the Democrat Party??? They don’t care about you, they just lie to you, so you will vote Democrat. What has the Democrat party actually done for the Black Community in the past 50 years??? NOTHING!!! They have designed the welfare system to break up the Black Family, and create single-parent (Mom) families, so they can give you a little bit of free handouts, just enough to keep you poor, and dependant upon the Government for another handout!!!
You don’t believe me? Just OPEN YOUR EYES and do some research about their entitlement programs.
It should be ALL LIVES MATTER!!!
And if I have upset anyone, well, don’t blame me. I just care enough to speak the TRUTH, and not sugar coat it…
The ONLY one that can be the answer is JESUS CHRIST!!! We (All of us) need to turn from our sins and get in to the Bible and SEEK JESUS!!!! That’s the TRUTH, if you can handle it……


4 responses to “Black Lives Matter??? It should be ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

  1. You trotted out tired old stereotypes and haven’t bothered taking into consideration any root causes of the symptoms that plague the black community. There have been several articles and scandals exposed that do in fact prove how racist American police forces actually are. There are new videos popping up on an almost daily basis that show policemen violating rights and needlessly escalating situations. A quick google search is all it takes. I say all this to say that your post is extremely bigoted and uninformed, and seeing as you are not black you have no business spouting off hatred in such a fashion, trying to pass off an opinion as fact.

  2. Thank You for stopping by my blog, and taking the time to reply to this post! I respect your opinion, and I just want to say that I do believe that there definitely IS some racism in some police officers today! No questions about it. People are people, and racism is a 2 way street, that anyone can be on. As a Bible believing Christian, I do not condone racism of any fashion, because Jesus did not condone any type of racism. We are all created equal in the eyes of God, and there is but one race- the Human race.
    That said, I do not approve of any discrimination of any type! But, like my Mother always taught me- 2 wrongs do not make a right. I could not begin to say I know how you feel, because you are right- I am not black. But, what I am saying with this blog is that just because there is racism against the black community, that does NOT justify all the looting, violence, & destruction that was committed in Ferguson, or anywhere else! The way we change things in America is to get involved in the political process, and get elected for an office, then change the laws All the looting, burning, & violence does is hurt your own community, because the people that have businesses in the area will pack up & go somewhere else, and then the jobs are gone out of the community. What would you do if you spent XXX amount of money to open up a business, and then you had a bunch of thugs come & loot your business, or burn it down? You would go somewhere else to start over. And that is not just my opinion, it is a fact. The democrat party IS destroying the black family in an attempt to buy your votes with more government programs and handouts. And if you don’t like a white person telling you this, then google and hear it from a wise black man. The democrats just use black people for votes at election time, then they don’t care about you, because they know that black people always vote democrat! Maybe the Black community will wake up to this fact, and stop voting democrat! The republicans might not be much better, but at least they don’t use you for votes! And why do blacks kill so many of their own people in the inner cities…Where is the outrage about that? And why do Black people support planned parenthood, when they just want to extinguish as many Black lives as they can? Did you google Margret Sanger and her “Negro Project”? If you did, you might be amazed at how truly racist they are! They kill more Black people (babies) than the KKK or any other racist group combined, yet Black people continue to support
    P.P. and their racist ideas. So, Yes, it should be ALL LIVES MATTER! Or is it Black Lives Matter…IF they are shot by a white policeman! Until ALL LIVES MATTER, the BLM movement is Racist & Hypocritical!
    And Nobody in my family ever owned any other people, so I do not have any “white guilt”! I do not hate you, or anyone, I just wish to end all the senseless racism, looting, vandalism, violence, and arson no matter who does it! Uninformed…I don’t think so. Bigoted…Only against Lies, regardless who is telling them!!!

  3. And they’d be speaking out about abortion. Since abortion sniffs out more black lives than any other means of death. Black people make up only 12 percent of the population but account for 36 percent of all abortions.

    But those little lives don’t matter. No only the 18 year old thug who assaults a store clerk and steals from him and then assaults a cop and gets killed for it matters. So innocent babies mean nothing but criminal thugs do?

    Doesn’t sound like something I could get behind.

    I was certainly called a racist for saying it .. BRAVO


    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I agree. There are far more Black Lives snuffed out by abortion than the KKK or any other white racist group!
      Yea, there are too many people of any color that dress & act like thugs, and rob, steal, & vandalise businesses, then complain because there are no jobs.
      There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. That’s why cops wear body cameras now, because cell phone cameras don’t get both sides of the story.
      I do nor condone police brutality, and yes, that does exist. No denying that, it is still wrong! But I don’t think there is ANY cops that wake up in the morning, and say “I want to shoot an unarmed Black kid today. They are provoked, and have a split second to determine if their life is in danger or not. So, mistakes are made and it is bad to take any life, regardless of who it is, or what color the skin is!

      WHERE are the Fathers of these children??? THAT is the evil thing! All kids need Mom AND Dad to raise them right!

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