Longform Essay – Are Our Universities Truly Institutions of Higher Learning or Are They Simply Dens of Iniquity?

So True!

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Yale logoAnyone who has gone away to college themselves, or had a child go away to college during the last 50 years, knows that college life has changed drastically in recent years, and not for the better.

Campus Sit-In.Campus Sit-In.

Most of the monumental changes, that we are still coping with today, occurred during the societal chaos of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This was when the dignified, Christian “men of letters” were trampled to death by non-Christian, radical hellions who maliciously invaded their bastions of higher learning.

Lunatic firebrands, like Abbie Hoffman, who were bent on destroying academia, for no other reason, than that they could.

Harvard logoIronically, Veritas means Truth

Today, their destructive liberal legacy remains intact on most college campus’. As opposed to their illustrious Christian beginnings, most universities have become hotbeds of non-Christian, radical thinking.

And, they are continuing to make a concerted effort to indoctrinate our Christian kids with…

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