Equality Idiots Vol. #1 Essay 13

It's the Women, Not the Men!

equality scaleFor decades, the miserable second-wave feminists have insisted that men and women are “equal.” They pushed this new and radical concept from their bully pulpits, whether at universities, in magazines or on TV. These women, including Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, loudly asserted that a woman could do anything a man could do and in many cases, they expounded that women could do it better. Most of these arguments had to do with the justification of these radical feminists notorious efforts to drive, supposedly “bored”, women out of their homes and into the workplace in order to achieve equality with men and “be all that they could be.” 

Betty Friedan - influencial, radical, second-wave feminist Betty Friedan – influential, radical, second-wave feminist

In retrospect, most or all, of their rantings were BS. Misguided views fraudulently based on their own dysfunctional lives. The truth is, thank God, that there is nothing similar or equal about men and women or for that matter, girls and boys. As…

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2 responses to “Equality Idiots Vol. #1 Essay 13

  1. This was my response to this post. I don’t think it will pass moderation on her site because I pointed out a few things she may not like. (Name-calling is never acceptable. Just sayin’) Anyway, my comments:
    Wow. So, I want to thank you for telling me how I have ruined my entire life by being myself. I was heartbroken when I learned girls couldn’t play football in school. I spent my entire career in the military, doing “men’s” jobs just as well as the men I worked with (and, yes, sometimes even better because I have better problem-solving skills) Men hating? Not on your life! I taught my sons and daughters that neither are more important – or less so. There’s a world of difference between men-hating feminazis and women who think that equal work should have equal pay or that everyone should be allowed to use whatever God given talent they have to do what they love. I love to refinish furniture as a hobby, but we all know that’s “Man stuff”. I guess someone forgot to tell God that when He made me to enjoy doing that… Generalizations are dangerous things – and calling people “idiots” isn’t nice. Finally, women have been subjugated and marginalized for centuries. How many male sex-slaves are there above the age of 21? Oh, that’s right – that’s women’s work. God gives everyone what they need to succeed in their life. In my case, it was the ability to function in both worlds – male and female. It was a useful thing when I was a single parent with four sons who had to be taught how to be men. My sons will be the first to tell you that Mom taught them how to play football. Men and women are different by design, but the nonsense about women being weaker and lesser has to go. I resent being called a bitch because I’m a strong woman. You know (or maybe you don’t) that it IS possible to be strong AND kind – and my hormones didn’t make me an insufferable boss. I was one of the best supervisors in my unit BECAUSE I WAS A WOMAN. How did that work? I was more involved in my subordinates’ lives. I cared more about making sure everyone had what they needed to succeed. I was more patient with them because I had children. I was also not trying to prove I was a better man than the other guys, so I escaped the bitch syndrome, even as my male cohorts got big-headed every time they got a promotion. The biggest contest I ran into was when a male counterpart informed me that he was God on our shift.
    If you want to spend your life baking cookies and lunching with friends, more power to you. To each her own. I preferred baking cookies after football. I home-schooled my younger five children, baked cookies, played football and had a military career – frequently as a single parent because that’s how it works in the military. I won’t insult and criticize you for the choices you made. In return, I would appreciate the same respect. Please take note that at no point did I call you any names, but by accusation and implication, you called me both an idiot and a bitch. You have a real blessed week.


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