Single Women – Don’t Waste Your 20’s in Casual Sex & Hookups

PLEASE read this before you get hurt….Because, you will, sooner or later! Feminism is encouraging women to be sex objects, weather you realise it or not! And that sets you up for untold misery…

All Things Bright and Beautiful


I’ve avoided writing about the problem topic of the way my generation views casual sex for a long time now because the honesty of it is just so difficult.  It’s time.

I’ve breached this topic before with single girls who were friends of mine in the past, and the painful truths I would try to share with them when I could tell they were being used or in a disadvantaged position, were usually so against what they wanted to hear from me (at that time in their lives), that it could turn a casual conversation into an emotional outburst of denial and anger.  When you’re a mentor, the relationship is different, its easier to give out advice like this because you’re coming from a place of experience or at least, longer life observance – now that I’m close to 30, I feel a least a little bit more…

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