Dads & Sons – Leaving a Legacy for Your Children

MEN, Be a Daddy & Father, not just a sperm donor….
If you stick it in her, & she gets pregnant- Man Up & Be Responsible!!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Fal2013 161 My guys minus the littlest new boy!

When it comes to our children, we want to be the best we can be for them – as a mother, this intention is always at the front of my mind as I try to make interactions and daily life as helpful as possible for our children to feel loved and nurtured and ready for adulthood.  My husband has frequently let me know it is also something he thinks of often.  It’s important to him whether he’s doing things right – being a good father, and leading our older son towards developing true masculinity in a society that tries to feminize men & say that boys are the same as girls.  Raising men is a task that needs a father, a good role model… certainly someone who is able to step in (when the father is absent) to mentor a young boy or man into…

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