10+ Reasons Why Men Take Mistresses

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Sheeri Mitchell - she writes "Sheeri Mitchell's Journal" at Walking Faithfully Sheeri Mitchell – See “Sheeri Mitchell’s Journal” at Walking Faithfully

This list was posted on The Girl with a Dragonfly Tattoo  but it was compiled by Sheeri Mitchell from Walking Faithfully.  Sheeri and her husband, Mykel, are counselors and the list resulted from many years of experience with troubled marriages. They are based in both California and Texas.

I’ve included some of my posts in support of her assertions as well. You’ll notice I’ve not added anything about hobbies – simply put, most men enjoy them so leave them alone, or sex, which I consider a very private matter between a husband and wife, nor have I written about food because I have little or no interest in it. Since all three topics are overexposed on the internet, I’ll leave them to others.  Also, I’m not sure about picking up the check (most guys hate this overture) but, many of…

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