Our Screwed Up Society!

Our society is really screwed up today! A lot of the problems are the result of the Evils of Feminism!!! The goals of feminism have been to destroy society by destroying the Christian Family- Husband, Wife, & Children. With the Husband going to work, the Wife staying at home being a full time homemaker! Then feminism came along, with it’s lies & telling the women to ditch the home & family for that “Career” The lie of a career being more satisfying for women than the true purpose of women- to raise the Future! The ability to create another life is a PRECIOUS GIFT that God gave to Women! That is far more noble & fulfilling than ANY job can be! And the Husband should be the one to support the whole family, as God intended it to be! Then,along with the feminist goal of wrecking the time tested & traditional family, along comes “The Pill” and casual sex, teaching women to be more promiscuous, and be less inhibited about having casual sex.
and let the men welsh on their responsibility for the kids that were produced in all the fornication that resulted from the pill. Along came Abortion! No problem, you don’t want your baby, then just kill it! And let’s lie to the woman, and tell her “it is not a baby, just a clump of cells, or a fetus, or any other name to de-humanise the baby, so he or she will be easier for you to kill!!! And then homosexuality- Lie to people some more, tell them they were “born gay” and they should be proud of being a perverted sicko- Go marry another perverted sicko!

Women Can’t have it both ways- a career is NOT compatible with Motherhood, and feminism knew that all along, that’s exactly what they wanted!!! To destroy the Christian Family! Oh, yes- we must also remove God from the equation- hence evolution, or just saying “there is no proof that God exists” (which is a LIE) There is plenty of factual evidence to prove beyond any doubt that God is Real!

So, that IS the problem with society. Every thing I mentioned is a symptom of the BIG Problem…People are turning away from God! Everything else just follows naturally!!!

IF you won’t stand & believe in GOD, then you will FALL for any lie that comes along!
That’s the truth- You can believe it or not, but it is still 100% Truth!!!
Congratulations if you have an attention span long enough to read this one paragraph post!!!


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  1. Feminism is evil because women are now better able to work while having families? Oh please. Just because a woman works doesn’t make her an evil slut. Maybe she needs to make money to survive? Ever think of that? Not every woman is a horrible person. Women can be feminists and Christians. This is sad to read your outdated thoughts. I hope you don’t speak to women this way in the real world.

    • Thank you for reading this, and your comment!
      I did not imply that all aspects of feminism are evil, and that certainly is not what I am implying. I did not blame all of society’s problems on feminism, because feminism is not completely and totally evil, by any means. I do fully understand that some women do have to work today, for whatever reasons she may have. I do not live in the 18th Century, and we all have to do what we have to do. And again, there is nothing wrong with a woman going to work, and no, a woman going to work does not make her an “evil slut” The context of this blog is that feminism is responsible for a lot (NOT All, by any means) of the destruction of the very fabric of society, the traditional family unit- Husband, Wife, & Kids. That is the basic structure/foundation that this country was built on, and that is the God-Ordained Family structure. Husband & Wife both have their specific parts to play, that is the way God created us. That was the thing feminism wanted to destroy, and they have succeeded very well at it! But of course not all people understand that has been one of the goals of feminism. Feminism has done some good for women, and I know & respect that part of it. So I never condemned all of feminism, just the aspect that this blog is written about.
      And of course, not all women are horrible people, Most women are good, wonderful people, and I strongly believe in treating a Lady like a Lady, with the utmost respect & courtesy that I can!
      As for a woman being a feminist and a Christian, that is a whole ‘nother can of worms, and I do not want to go there, that is her individual choice! Having hopefully made that point clear, what I will say (again) is that generally speaking, one of feminism’s goals is to destroy the Christian role for woman. Jesus treated & spoke very highly of women, and He was responsible for elevating the status of women in the era that He lived, and most places now that truly follow the Bible and Jesus’ example on the treatment of women. That is in the New Testament,if you read & study it, you will see that it is true! And if you doubt that, just compare the status of women in most Bible believing countries to the status of women in the muslim world!!!
      My thoughts are not outdated, and the only woman I care to be around is my wife of 27 years!!! I have worked with women, and I treat them well, and in a professional manner. however I maintain enough space to avoid any contact or behavior that she could accuse me of any wrongdoing- sexual or any type of harassment! That is a major factor that keeps a lot of men from saying / doing anything that could give her an opportunity to claim sexual harassment!!! Because now, with all this PC stuff around, all a woman has to do is claim sexual harassment, and the guy can be ruined whether he did anything
      or not! And I am NOT saying all women do that, but some do. And the ones that do use a harassment charge for any small reason makes it harder on the ones that do have a real case! And I do think that the real cases should be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope you understand what I am saying here, because I do believe sexual harassment is an evil thing, and should be dealt with harshly!

      I hope this reply helps you to see the real meaning of this post, because I do not hate women! I love my wife…

      • You’re welcome! I understand what you’re saying about how some feminists are extreme. But the best kind of feminism is the kind that strives for equality between the two genders. I think that with that kind of feminism in mind, it’s possible for women to be both Christians and feminists.

        I think that society’s problems can be blamed on many things, and not necessarily feminism. We can blame war, poverty, racism, sexism, inequality, economic crisis, the media. There are many things to blame for problems that occur throughout society.

        I’m glad that you treat women with respect, especially your wife. That’s good to hear. 🙂

        Thanks for reading and responding to my comment!

      • Can I please ask you to define exactly what you mean by “equality between women and men”? Because there are differences that will never be equal. Obviously, the major one is childbirth, as men will never be able to have Children. And our brains are wired differently, and that gives both sexes unique characteristics that will never be equal. Men just don’t have the maternal instinct that women have, and men & women have different body compositions (strengths) that suit the roles we are designed for. Differences like that will never be equal, but the radical feminists want to push that we are equal in everything, and we never will be. And women are better looking than men (a man’s point of view) And the equal pay issue- yes, if a woman does the exact same job that a man does, then she should get equal pay. But, certain jobs have different requirements, and the harder they are, the more pay is deserved. In my line of work- Merchant Marine, they have pay scales set up by what job you do, and sex plays no part in that. I work in the Engineroom on ships, and it is hot & loud in them. Temperatures usually run between 100-120 degrees. And we work 12 hours a day. Not many women are interested in that type of heavy work. There are a few, but not many.
        And as I said in my original post, I strongly believe that the basic root of all of societies problems is from people turning their backs on God, and not following Him. All the other problems are just symptoms of the main cause- Abandoning God!
        Thank You for reading this! I wish you all the best in your life!
        And please don’t believe the line that Christianity & islam are the same, because they are Not even close! allah is NOT God, the God of the Bible. There are many reasons why allah is not God, But that is another topic …….. 🙂

      • I define “equality” as equal rights for both genders. To me, this means equal pay, fairness as far as laws, and equal respect in society, the media, and the government. Right now, we don’t have that, but I think it would help.

        I know what you mean about how men and women are different biologically, but I think that some aspects of their socialization is learned, not inherent. For example, I don’t believe that all women are born to be maternal. I also believe that men can be paternal and loving. I believe that men can be just as effective parents. Some women aren’t maternal or don’t want children. I do agree that men and women have differences though.

        You’re welcome, and thank you for the good conversation and following my blog! 🙂

      • OK, equal rights for both sexes should be a given. Equal pay, for the most part is there. Every job I have ever had in my life,the pay was set up by job, not sex. So I think the “women make 70 cents on a man’s dollar” is mostly a fairy tale talking point. But, I can’t say with a certainty, because I don’t know everything. I do know that female politicians- especially Hillary Clinton does pay women less than men.Again, I can’t verify that, but I do know that a lot of Democrats are hypocrites when it comes to things like that. As far as respect, that is Earned, NOT given! If you want someone’s respect, you must earn it, no matter who you are. No law can make one respect someone they don’t like. That will never happen.
        I will disagree, I strongly believe all women were born to be maternal. Some women can & do suppress those urge, but it is still there, somewhere in the background. Men should be more involved in the lives of their kids! And yes, they can be excellent parents. Unfortunately, that always has been one of the main goals of feminists- to reduce the role & value of men in society, in everything we do, the feminist beliefs are of a “superwoman” with men not important. Weather you believe that or not, I don’t know. Men in society are made out to be sissified, effeminate wimps. And I know that you, as well as everyone in society has been brainwashed with those ideas, especially in public schools. Most of the time it is almost subliminal, but the constant bombarding has been taught in public schools for 30 years, and students like yourself have been bombarded with so much of it that you din’t even know it! That is not your fault, and I am not saying you did anything wrong. But, I can tell by your writing that it has influenced you. And the sad part is that people don’t even know they are being indoctrinated with this propaganda. That is one reason they came out with the “alpha male” stuff! When I was growing up. all men were “alpha males” That’s the way a man should be.
        I believe in God, and the Godly roles He has for men & women are the best for us, because He created us that way. I know that some women don’t want children, and that is their choice. I also strongly believe that women that don’t marry & have kids do regret that later on in life, when they are old, alone, & lonely! I am not saying that all women will that don’t marry & have children will grow grow old & bitter, there are a few that don’t, but for the most part, they will. Just like no rich, successful businessman ever when faced with dying said they should have worked more or went to more business meetings.They regret not seeing/spending more time with their family! No career will ever look you in the eyes and say I Love You, Mommy!
        Gee whiz, my replies are always long. I hope you can understand what I am saying. Given more thought, I conclude that No, a woman (or man) can ever be a Christian and a feminist, the two are just too diametrically opposite of each other! You can be one or the other, but not both.
        And I enjoy chatting with you! You are a beautiful young woman! 🙂 What do you do for a living, if I may ask?

      • That’s okay, long replies are fun to read!

        I believe that the “maternal instinct” is partly biological and partly social. I believe that many women are born with it, some learn it, and some don’t have it. Some women may not want kids but use their “maternal instinct” in other ways. Maybe to be a nurse, a teacher, a pastor, a vet, a doctor, or a psychologist. I believe that a maternal instinct can be many other things besides being a mother, or along with being a mother. There are a million ways for us to care for other people. And I totally agree that fathers should be in their children’s lives. Having a positive father figure is important for children growing up.

        I don’t know if all women who don’t get married and have kids will be sad and lonely or regret it. I think that if they wanted to get married and have kids but never did, then they would maybe regret it. But I think that some people want different things. Like for myself for example, I have always had dreams of traveling to learn about the world, different people, different culture. I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel. Of hopefully having a writing career. If I change my mind and decide I want to get married and have kids, then that’s my future. But I have never felt the need or desire for marriage and kids. I am super close with my family and I think that if someone doesn’t get married or have kids, they still have family. I know I do. I’ll always have a huge family, and tons of support from them no matter what I do.

        Thank you! I work at a school as a teacher aide and Spanish translator.

      • OK, How would the social part effect the maternal instinct that women have? I still will believe that God put that maternal instinct in all women, because that’s just the way He designed us. Men have a stronger sex drive, also given by God. But, if I may ask what’s your opinion on the Bible? I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but the opinion I get from reading your bogs is you are not, or that Christianity is a small part of your life. I do not know, and I surely am not judging! You are free to believe what ever you want, and I never force God on anyone that is not interested! But, as for me, I believe the Bible to be the true & correct Word of God, and I read & study it every day. I know the Bible gets a bad rap from many, but truthfully, if one is not a believer, the Bible IS hard to understand, because Satan, the god of this age has “blindfolded” the eyes of non believers, so they don’t fully understand it. I read it from cover to cover every year, and I can say that the more I read & study it, the more I understand it. As for the harsh parts in the Old Testament that people (non-believers) criticize the most, they are there because that’s the way society was back in those days, and God didn’t leave out the bad parts & only put in the good parts. The conditions were very different back then, and for someone to read it with present day situation in mind, it will look out of place and even crazy. But, when taken in proper context, it is awesome! Take women’s rights for example. Back then, the women were second class citizens, the property of their fathers, then their husbands. They had arranged marriages also, and the woman & man were paired up by their parents, and they didn’t have any choice in the matter. So that part does suck, but when Jesus came along,He declared that the women & men were both equal in the eyes of God, and He instructed society to treat women better. So, as I said in an earlier reply, the status & treatment of women in a Bible believing society is, in general very much better than a non-Bible believing society! Like any muslim country. I have been to Saudi Arabia, and I read in their newspaper that there was a woman that got gang raped by 5 muslim men. And, the case went to court, and the judge said it was the woman’s fault for “enticing” the men to rape her! So, they EXECUTED THE WOMAN, and fined the men!!! WTF???
        That is a true story! In most muslim countries, if a woman walked down a street wearing shorts & a tank top, that is a crime punishable by death!!!
        That is just an example of how the Bible & Christianity has been good for women in society. Back then, men could have as many wives as he wanted, and again, the guy just asked the girl’s father to marry his daughter, and the woman had no say in who her husband will be! And people use the slavery issue also. Back in the old days, the”slavery” was a whole different thing than it was on 1800’s America & world. Societies were very poor then, and most of the time, the people would sell themselves in to “slavery” so they had food & housing every day.God did NOT approve of the slavery, so He established guidelines for people to follow. People that owned slaves had to release them after six years, and pay them. And,if a slave wanted to stay with his/her Master, they could pledge loyalty, and continue on working for that person. God’s guidelines ordered the people to not be so harsh to their slaves, and treat them better, Because Everybody is Equal in the sight of God, and there is no difference, God loves everyone equally! Truly, Jesus was the first one to teach Equal rights for women and men!
        I stand on God’s Word, because God can’t lie, so I believe that all women are designed to nurture children better than men, and that men are designed to protect & provide for women(his wife)
        It has been said that God designed woman from man’s rib (side),and not from the foot, for man to trample on the woman, and not from his head, so women are not over men, but from the rib, so she would be by his side for him to protect her, and close to his heart, so they could love each other! don’t know if that is true, or just a story. But it is a good one, I like it.
        So, that is one way that our society survives, from the instincts that God put in to the man & woman. I put my faith & trust in God, and His Word, the Bible. It really is an awesome, Divine book,when you read & study it, and if you profess your love to God, He will give you wisdom & understanding to see it clearly, and the Bible literally comes alive as you read it & meditate on His Word.

        No one can know exactly for sure if a woman regrets having children when she is older, but I believe that deep down in a woman’s heart, she does regret it. But, they most likely would not admit it, because of the pride factor that is in everyone. Nobody likes to admit their mistakes in public, that’s just the way we are. Likewise, I still think that the feminist upbringing that you got in school has had an effect on your not wanting to find a husband and have kids. I am not saying that as a truth, but that is just my hunch. The curriculum taught in schools now and for the past 30-40 years has most definitely been influenced by the feminist ideology, but it has been so gradual that the students do not even notice it. Like have you ever heard the one about the frog in the kettle? If not, it is this- If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it would jump right out, because it is too hot. BUT, if you put a frog in a pot of cold water, and put it on a slow simmer, the temperature will come up so slowly that the frog will not even notice it, until it boils to death.That is exactly how the feminist/humanist ideology has been crept in to the school system so slowly that no one noticed or complained. Now, by the time someone graduates from high school and especially college, they have been indoctrinated with so much humanist/feminist/ marxist/ socialist propaganda, they turn out like a little “stooge” all fed full of mush about how bad America is, and the “evil white man” that it has permeated through their minds, and most students don’t even realize it. I have been around the block a few times, so I speak with some experience on this one. I graduated from High school in 1977, and went to work, at several types of jobs. Then I joined the Navy in 1980. Now I am a Merchant Marine. I have been all over the world, to a lot of countries, and I even made one voyage completely around the world in 2011. I have seen a lot of places, and the picture of me on this blog was taken in Iquique,Chile. From all my travels,I can say for a fact that the USA is the greatest country in the world!!!
        You say you have a big family? That’s great! Stay close to them! My mother & dad are both long gone, and all I have left is my brother. And of course my wife & our 4 kids. I will say one thing for sure- I got married when I was 28,and our first child came 4 years later. Now, looking back, I wish I would have gotten married sooner, & started our family sooner. Because when our kids are growing up, I won’t be able to do everything for them, because of the age difference. If I had gotten married at 24-26, that would have been better. But, that’s my opinion. You are free to do whatever you want. I just hope that you don’t do anything that you may come to regret later in life. Because as they say- Hindsight is 20/20…When you get older, there will always be that nagging question in your mind……What If, or If Only……… I always enjoy chatting with you, please write again! Sailor Dale Cares!

      • Thanks again for the conversation!

        I believe that socialization can play a part from childhood and could have an impact on women’s maternal instinct. When women are given dolls, for example, they are shown an example of a role they could play in adulthood. Growing up watching their parents, both boys and girls can learn social behaviors, and I believe that this can have an effect on their maternal and paternal instincts as adults.

        I believe that we cannot generalize that the enter female species has maternal instinct or should act on that instinct because there are always exceptions to the “always” idea. There are women who simply have no desire to have kids. Women who have kids, suffer sever Postpartum Psychosis, and murder their kids. There are women who suffer from Postpartum Depression and regret having children. So while many women do want kids, not all do, not all should, and not all are happy when they do. I think that’s why it’s the same for regret if they don’t have kids. I think the regret would mostly come from women who truly wanted kids but never had them.

        I grew up Christian, and as I grew older, I decided to take the Bible with a grain of salt. I did read the stories you talk about, and those always made me angry reading about the injustices of the past. We still haven’t achieved equality that Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of, but I do think we’ve made some progress in America. Like you talk about in Saudi Arabia, women are still not seen as equals. In some countries women are not allowed to drive. Vote. Hold political office. Own property. So the rights we have in America is not true worldwide.

        I didn’t grow up with a feminist background or have a feminist public education because feminism wasn’t taught. We were taught about women fighting for the right to vote, the women’s movement of the 1960’s, and that concluded my “feminism education.” Trust me, public education does not teach feminism. It touches on historical topics about the movement, but very, very briefly. And now, public education is filled with more testing than anything else, so I don’t think math and reading tests have much to do with feminism. I don’t know what about the feminist ideology would have been taught in the public education system. The only things that come to mind are, “Women have a right to vote now. Women burned their bras in the 60’s.” No teacher ever gave us a message about feminism. And nearly all my teachers were male.

        That is very cool you’ve had the opportunity to travel to many places. I have hopes of doing that as well. If I have any regrets, I would have regrets if I don’t travel. I would regret not seeing and experiencing the world. I would regret not absorbing as much of it as I could. In the brief times when I’ve experienced another culture, I realized how much of the world I don’t know. That’s fascinating to me, and made me want to see more. If I had any regret in life, it would be not seeing the world.

      • Aloha Rebecca, How’s your week going? It is Thursday already! wow…
        OK, Thanks for your kind reply. So you say that kind of socialisation like when kids are growing up, girls play with dolls & boys play with cars & toy guns. Yea, that.s kind of the way it is. I know when my kids were young, we had 3 boys first, and so we have lots of boy toys around the house. Then, along came my daughter. At first, she played with the boys toys, and didn’t seem to know any difference. Then we got her some dolls & stuff. Now she plays with them all the time, and she no longer has interest in the boys toys. But, they are still some of them in the toybox, but she ignores them. She is 10 now, and she plays with her “girlie” toys all the time. She sets up houses and the like, all on her own, with no nudging from anyone to play with anything else.
        Yes, I really can’t say for sure for all women, as everyone is different. but I would think most women would want kids, but that may not be the case. For whatever reasons, our (American) society is not having enough babies to replace ourselves. I have seen studies that say if we keep on having babies at this low rate, by the year 2050 the average of society will be 55+ years old At that rate, there will be zero in Social Security for your generation!
        Unless we start having more babies soon, we will all be a society of “old fogies” in 30 years!
        As for the post-partum sickness, I don’t know much about that. But every once in a while the TV news has a story about that. Don’t know about the women having kids & regretting it later, I am sure some do. I wouldn’t begin to guess how many there are.
        About the Women’s rights here in America being better than the rest of the world, that’s true. We are not perfect, but for the most part it is due to the influence Christianity & the Bible have had on our founding. Like I said, we are not perfect, but we are far better than most countries. And that is from this country really was founded on Jesus Christ & The Bible, as much as the liberals & everyone may want to deny it. Truth is, that America was the ONLY country founded upon Jesus & the Bible! There is no other way to explain how a new country (USA) within 50-75 years after our founding had become the most powerful country in the world. We defeated in battle countries that have been around for thousands of years, before the USA turned 100 years old! That, Rebecca was purely by the Grace of God! There is no other explanation for it! The Bible is awesome, and I will be honest- I would love to see you turn back to Jesus, and I will offer any help you need, but that is your decision only! With all the events happening in the world, Jesus’ return certainly can’t be that far off! All the prophesy has been coming true, right before our eyes even! That is very exciting for me, but for a lot of people that chose to reject Jesus, it will be some serious misery ahead. I don’t know where you stand on social issues, but I do know that God’s wrath upon America can’t be that far off! We have killed almost 58 MILLION babies in abortions around the country since 1973, and with 37 states have legalized “same sex marriage”, and all the other kinds of sexual immorality running rampant in America now, God’s wrath can’t be far off!

        The feminization of society- Sure, they don’t have classes that teach it outright, but it is there. Like the frog in the kettle story I said yesterday.
        Another prime example of how it is creeping in to society gradually is the name on your blog. When I asked how you decided on it, you said-
        >>>>”The title of my blog actually came from the title of my Senior Writing Project from college, and it was based on a poem I wrote. The poem was a play on words and spellings of words.”<<<< That's fine, but that does show that you have been taught feminism. Somewhere, Sometime, it was gradually crept in to your classes, somewhere along the line. Hollywood and the media is a fine example. The depict men as bumbling, inept, good for nothing, feminized, spineless wimps in most all of the TV sitcoms & shows, and even commercials, and at the same time, they show women as fearless, dependable, do everything, superior, "superwoman" types. I know that sounds outright goofy, but I guarantee it is true, Just spend a little time watching today's shows, and then watch some older TV shows from the 50's & 60's You should be able to spot the differences in the shows. It is definitely there, although it is subtle, that's the way they have been made. I remember women burning their bra's in the 60's. I was still young then, but I can recall that. I have been to that street in San Francisco called Haight- Ashbury But that was in the '90's, and all the hippies were long gone. But it was nice to get a chance to go there, courtesy of the Navy!If you really want to travel, join the Military! The Air Force or the Navy are good choices. You can travel and get paid for it at the same time. And the Military is paid by rank, not sex. So, men & women of the same rank make exactly the same. In general, people all over the world re friendly, if you treat them good, they will treat you good also.
        Well,that is enough rambling on for one day. Again, thanks for reading this, and I pray you would think seriously about coming back to Jesus! He loves you, & He is waiting with open arms for you to come back, and you will never be disappointed or let down. People will always let you down sometime, but Jesus never will! Sailor Dale Cares!!! Aloha….

      • Hi, Dale! My week is going well. I hope yours is, also.

        Yes, socialization like the examples you mentioned are ways that socialization can have an impact on us later in life. Studies and personal accounts point to these examples when children knew growing up that they were gay, transgender, didn’t want kids, or were just not interested in the toys meant for their gender, or they weren’t interested in gender-specific toys at all.

        Postpartum depression is actually incredibly common in women. Percentages estimate that anywhere from 10-20% of women have it, which is a huge portion of women having children. It’s highly treatable, which is good. But there are the cases of women having the Postpartum Psychosis, which is much more severe and dangerous.

        There are lots of differing opinions on the population growth and what it will mean in the future. The population is growing, but in developed countries our birth rates are going down. It’s mainly in developed European countries, but we are beginning to see it in America as well. There are many reasons why it could be happening. The changes in our economy, lack of famine and war, and many other factors. But in my opinion, I don’t think people should be pressured to have kids for that reason if they don’t want to.

        My opinion on abortion, gay marriage, and sex are that as long as people aren’t harming anyone, they should be in control of those extremely personal decisions. If someone doesn’t want an abortion they shouldn’t get one. If they don’t like gay marriage, then they can have a heterosexual marriage. If they think sex is wrong, they don’t have to have sex. I think that there are so many other issues that are actually more worrisome and dangerous to our society that we can spend our time worrying about. War, racism, violence, poverty, the problems of America’s education system, politics. Those are issues that are more important to me and impact how I see the world we live in.

        If I had a “feminist education,” I would have been taught about feminism. I wasn’t. At no point in my life did I take a feminism class in high school or in college. There were no feminism classes in my high school. If feminism is, “Okay, class, at one point in our history, women couldn’t vote. Women couldn’t have a bank account. Or own property. Or have jobs…okay, now onto math,” then I don’t think I learned enough about feminism. If feminism is that boys and girls attended the same school, sure, I had a “feminist education.” There is no such thing as a “feminist education” in this country because it simply doesn’t exist. We cannot use history books from 1950 because that would be an inaccurate portrayal of our American history. Just because we are taught that, yes, women had to fight for more rights, that does not mean the education itself was “feminist.” That means we were given factual, historical information. No teacher during my education gave their opinion on feminism. Ever. No teacher talked about feminism in specifics. Ever. I’m fairly certain they didn’t even mention the word.

        My blog name comes from a poem I wrote, which was based on music I was listening to at the time. It had absolutely nothing to do with my education. Hollywood and the media are not “feminist” by any means. They depict women as sexual objects. 50 Shades of Grey is the perfect example of this. The movie is advertising the idea to women that they can be with an abusive man and he has power over her. That idea is being marketed to women in 2015.

        I don’t know how male characters being depicted as bumbling wimps would have anything to do with them being “feminized,” but it is strange that some male characters are portrayed in this way. And if the women are portrayed as “superwoman,” why is that wrong when men were portrayed that way for decades on television? Yes, I don’t think the men should necessarily be portrayed as bumbling idiots (unless it’s a crucial part of the character development), but there is nothing wrong with women being portrayed as strong. It’s a wonderful change from the Leave it to Beaver days.

        I would love to go to Haight-Ashbury someday. The 1960’s was such a revolutionary time in America, in so many ways.

        Thank you, it does sound like the military can be a great experience. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      • Hello Rebecca,
        Thanks for your reply. I disagree with pretty much everything you said, but that’s OK! We can still get along. I do pray for you.
        I take it that you don’t like the “50 Shades” movie & books. That is good, I agree with you on that. All the ways you said were very degrading to women, and I believe violence toward women is wrong, and it needs to be stopped! Some of that kind of kinky sexual BDSM could be OK, as long as both partners (Husband & Wife) know & agree, and have limits for safety. I believe that women & men are not completely equal in all things, but in most things women should be given equal treatment, and be treated treated with the utmost respect & courtesy! I still believe that a Woman should be treated like a Lady! Even though some women don’t act very lady like, they still deserve the best. Here is an example of some women taking feminism overboard- I had a security guard job a few years ago, and I was working at a condo building. My desk was by the door, and I would hold the door open for people coming in or out of the building. Just a simple courtesy, for women & men alike. And I had a couple of women yell at me, saying they can open the door themselves! That, to me, is totally absurd! Why can’t they just accept a polite act of kindness in having someone open the door for them?
        The personal issues, like abortion, same sex marriage, pre-marital sex and the like are personal issues. But, we all will have to answer to God one day for those kind of sins, and all sins. And that is wrong in the eyes of God! We are free to believe & choose to do whatever we want to do here in this life, but in the end,we all will answer to God for our own individual sins. Each & every one of us! And we will be without excuse, because God created this planet and all of us, and He set the rules for us to follow or not. That is the main reason why evolution became so popular, because people didn’t like the fact that they will stand before God in judgement one day, and so they came up with a way to (foolishly) try to remove God from the equation. But, time will prove that evolution is nothing but a science fiction fairy tale! Every single “evolutionary scientist” will see they were completely wrong!Darwin now knows that he was wrong, and every single one of the “great minds” of the Earth. Like Steven Hawking, Richard Dawkins, and every person that ever promulgated such foolish theories. Everyone will stand before God someday, and the really smart ones are getting ready for that now, before it is too late. Thanks & Aloha from Hawaii! I hope you are not too cold back there today…….Sailor Dale Cares!

      • Hello Dale,

        You’re welcome. And you’re right–we can still discuss these topics! I’m sorry that a couple women weren’t nice to you when you held the door for them. But I don’t think that has anything to do with feminism. They may just have not been nice women. Or we’re crabby that day. But it definitely has nothing to do with their ideology.

        I think those scientists had a lot of interesting theories to offer. While you don’t have to necessarily agree with their theories, we can’t throw away their significant and revolutionary research. We need to use their research for scientific advances. Just because their theories aren’t religious doesn’t mean their theories are “fiction.”

        It’s been cold today, but I’m surviving! Spring is right around the corner. 🙂 Take care!

      • Hello Rebecca,
        Glad you are keeping warm! That is kind of funny? You say that there is no feminist ideology prevalent anywhere in society today. If that’s true, then where is it all coming from? Outer space? Lol…..Seriously, the feminist ideology is prevailing everywhere in & around society, and you can’t even see it? Or recognise the effects on everything? That reinforces what I said about the subtlety with which it is creeping in to everything.I agree with you that there probably is not a “feminism 101” class on campuses today, but it is there under a disguise. Have you ever seen or taken any classes called “Women’s Studies? That IS a feminist class, right there. I know it has been over 35 years since I was in school, but I still keep up with what’s going on. Some colleges have things like “Sex Week” where all kinds of sexual “instruction” takes place. Different schools have different names for it, but nevertheless, it exists. Perhaps you have seen or participated in something like that, I don’t know or care. That’s not an issue. But whatever they call something like that, it has very little educational value.
        Not making a judgement call or anything like that, but from reading your various posts & replies, I can tell for certain that you have been fully indoctrinated with the feminist ideology. How or when does not matter, but for sure I can see the feminist ideologies in most all of your posts/replies.
        Again, please don’t think I am trying to put you down or anything like that, because I am not. Just stating what I see in your writing. And that’s OK, that is your choice. Be yourself, Be Original, because if you try to imitate anyone else, you will only be a second rate copy of them!
        All the “evolutionary scientists” are funny sometimes, I wonder if they really believe the stuff they say! Sure, a lot of good has come from Science, and scientific research, and that is Awesome! But, I know that how a person looks at our origins does effect the outcome of their studies. The scientists & researchers are not neutral, their mind is looking for things that back up the outcome of their work. And like it or not, money does play a factor in their work also. Because whoever is paying for the studies usually has a predisposed view of what they think it should be. And as such, the researchers will look for things that favor that idea. Like there is so much evidence for a young Earth (6000-8000 y/o) that has been discovered, but it gets suppressed in favor of the really old Earth outcomes, because evolutionists must have billions & billions of years for their ideas to “work” Does that make any sense to you? Because sometimes I have a hard time putting my thoughts in the proper words…

        Anyway, Have a Wonderful Saturday Night!!! Go on out dancing, or whatever you like to do on a Saturday Night! Stay Sober & Safe!
        (I used to be an alcoholic, now sober for 31 years!) Until Next Time, Aloha!
        Sailor Dale Cares!

      • I never took a women’s studies class, no. But I would not see a problem with taking a class about women’s history. Colleges offer classes about African American studies, Native American studies, Christianity, and so on. We can’t include women? I think it’s time we did, and so I’m glad colleges are finally beginning to offer classes with a focus on women. There’s nothing wrong with that. If someone doesn’t want to take the class, they don’t have to. That class is never a requirement for students.

        As for sex education “weeks,” no, I’ve never seen those offered at the college I attended. I highly doubt “instruction” takes place. Instruction on how to have sex?!? I think people know by college what sex is. I don’t know what you mean by “Sex Week.” Do you mean AIDS awareness and prevention week or sexual assault awareness and prevention week? My college did weeks like that to raise awareness about issues like that.

        I have definitely not been “indoctrinated.” The things I believe I learned on my own with my own studying. I never studied feminism in high school or college, and I actively educated myself to come up with my beliefs. That’s not being “indoctrinated.”

        Thanks, it’s good to be original. 🙂

        Yes, money has to be spent in order to fund the scientific research. But scientists do have a hypothesis or their knowledge they’ve learned in previous studies. I wouldn’t say they look for things that favor their ideas though. That would cause bias and inaccurate results in their studies. Most scientists don’t try to do that on purpose.

        Thank you, I hope you had a great night as well. 🙂 Take care!

  2. There are many women who don’t feel called to be a mother, either, though. What about them? Should they not take pride in what they do feel called to do?

    • If a woman does not feel called to being a Mother, that is her choice. But, she is missing out on the greatest joy in life- Being a Mommy!
      My wife & I have 4 kids, and sometimes it is a BIG sacrifice, but they are so much worth it!!! Women that can have children and do not usually regret that later on in life! There is no career that will ever look you in the eye and say I Love You, Mommy… Our society is really headed for trouble, as we are not having enough children to even replace the adults now. In 40-50 years, the majority of society will be over 50 y/o and that is not good for our survival! We do not have anything close to an “overpopulation” problem, at all! Thank you for reading my blog! Please visit again…

  3. I’m going to just hop right into this conversation. I’m over 50 and I remember when abortions were legalized and feminism was the new civil rights. I remember when I was a feminist, even though I never believed in abortion. I wanted equal pay for equal work, (No, that hasn’t happened outside of the military) equal opportunity to choose my path (and not be bound to find a husband, drop out of school and make lots of babies) and the right to be anything I wanted to be (instead of being forced into the “girl” box). I managed to hold my own in a Man’s world. I joined the military, had children, retired from the military and became a minister. I worked on the flightline, repairing jets for my first job, then cross-trained into computers and communications. I had seven children – and home-schooled five of them even while I was on active duty. After I retired, I held various jobs including working on the freight team at Home Depot. I hauled bags of cement, moved appliances in the overheads and lifted items that weighed well over 70 pounds – all by myself. I’m now a pastor. Not a co-pastor – a pastor. The boys still don’t like me on their playground, but someone forgot to tell God I couldn’t be there.

    I tell you all of this so you have an idea of my background and to let you know I know from experience how things have been and are in the real world. This isn’t theory and I’m not so young as to not know much. I have seven children and six grandchildren. Oh, and I’m still a feminist. I’ve been rejected by the movement because I wouldn’t become a feminazi, (Thank you, Rush Limbaugh) agree with the “pro-choicers” or become a radical lesbian. (Or any other kind of lesbian) Yes, they (the feminazis) want to change the natural, God-ordained order of things. I’m not fit to call myself a woman because I “spawned” and I refuse to say that babies are disposable. I refuse to say men are evil because I have five brothers and four sons and they will never be less important than my sister or three daughters. Centuries of being subjugated to men doesn’t justify the subjugation of men any more than black slavery would then justify white slavery. You CAN have it both ways, but you will have to compromise in the process – and sometimes, you will have to make hard decisions. You will not be allowed to climb the corporate ladder as high because you will not be available every second of the day on demand. On the other hand, you will have something considerably more important – children and grandchildren. The economy has made it nearly impossible to survive on a single income, but there are ways around it. Lydia was a seller of purple. Etsy and eBay can be your friend. As the children get older, you can get them to help in a family business, whether making rugs or jelly or canning food from a garden. True feminism was always about having choices, but the feminists have been crushed by the feminazis. I think I will always be a feminist, but not the kind who hate men and don’t have room for God.

    As for the evils of the pill and the way it produced sluts, really? I was on the pill for many years. I have seven children because I WANTED seven children. I don’t think I was a promiscuous slut. That’s offensive, hateful and entirely untrue. Casual sex was a byproduct of an “enlightened” society turning away from God and Judeo-Christian values, not because of the pill. If you want to blame THAT on someone, blame the communist atheist professors that invaded the colleges and universities in the 60s and 70s. (They became self-perpetuating at the point where their students outnumbered believers in teaching positions) I was torn apart by a professor in a “Moral Problems in Medicine” class because I didn’t agree with HIM about much of anything. I refused to back down from my beliefs and he insulted me and tried to intimidate me into agreeing with him. I ended up being thrown out of his class. (There’s a reason I’m a college dropout.) I had friends that went into college saved and came out as unrepentant atheists who think I’m an ignorant rube for not only believing in God, but becoming a minister. (Yes, you CAN lay down your salvation and walk away from God)

    I can continue with this history lesson, but it’s late, I’m tired and I’ve said enough for now. I hope you think about what I said before replying. I’m not attacking you; I’m confronting and correcting wrong beliefs. As a woman who lived through all of this, I think I may have a vague idea of what I’m talking about. Be blessed.

    • USAF BETH,
      Thank you for reading & replying to my blog! I like your blog, you have some great posts.
      Thank you for serving in the Air Force. I am retired Navy, and I also have been around for a while. congratulations on your seven kids. I only have 4, but they are very precious to me. They are not old enough to give me grandkids yet, (i hope) My oldest is 22, but he is not married. And I stress to them that marriage should come before kids, hopefully they will have learned that lesson.
      Anyway, I think that we agree on a lot more than we disagree on. You are right about the “old feminists” vs. the “second & third wave newer generation of feminists, or “feminazis” as Rush Limbaugh calls them. I strongly agree that it is the newer feminists that have done so much to destroy the God ordained roles of women & men. And yes, there are other things that have contributed to the downfall of society. Feminism is just one “plank” in the attack on God by Satan. Because I do think this does all come down to a spiritual battle. Satan hates God, and anything that embraces a Godly society or anyone that loves God is automatically a target for Satan to destroy. I think you are very much “fit to call yourself a Woman” I admire all you have accomplished in your life, including standing up to the more radical feminists! You are right, the pill is not the only thing that led to the promiscuity in the women (and men) in society today, and NO, not everyone is a slut. I probably could have worded that part a little better, because it didn’t go come out to say what I wanted it to.There has been a number of things that led to the hook-up mentality of today.the pill was just another thing that had good promises, but got twisted in a way that it wasn’t meant to be.(a scapegoat, perhaps?) Anyway,casual sex was there back when we were in high school (in the 70’s) but it was not as common of a thing like it is now. I went to a Community College for a year, but I ended up dropping out when I got a good job. There sure were a lot of radical humanist/atheist/socialist professors in the colleges back then, and I butted heads with a couple of them, and lost.
      What denomination or church do you Pastor at? That is a serious calling, one that I would not want,because Pastors & Teachers will be held to a Higher Standard by God, and it takes a LOT of work to properly feed & equip the flock..the Body of Christ.
      Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, and I do believe we agree on more than we disagree on. Please read the rest of my posts, if you want. The one called “Christmas Service on the Horizon Spirit is from my first time to hold a Worship service, on Christmas Day last year. The ship was at sea, and 3 people showed up, and my boss was one of them! Praise God!

  4. Thanks for the clarification, Dale. I hate disagreeing with my brothers and sisters about anything! I’ve been a non-denominational minister since 2002. The network I’m in now has asked me to transfer my credentials to the Assemblies of God, so I’m back in school. I’m the associate pastor at City Reach Church of Beaver Falls. If you want more information, just look up “City Reach Network”. If it shows up in Pittsburgh, that’s the one. We also have church plants in Maine, New York, Florida, Texas and a few other places I’m not sure about. Congratulations on starting up. I’ll remind you of what God reminded me of: Despise not small beginnings. I never considered being a pastor. Missionary, evangelist and teacher maybe, but pastor wasn’t even on my radar. This was God’s idea – and I sometimes ask “What WAS He thinking?” I don’t feel qualified for the job, but God’s not impressed with my opinion….

    • Aloha Beth,
      Yes, it seems like now days, if you disagree with someone on certain topics (homosexuality, abortion) that they label you as a hater or homophobe or what ever name they come up with. The liberal ones twist the Bible, or say “Jesus never said anything against gays” And that is so wrong, but if you don’t see it their way, you are “intolerant” But anyway, that’s the way the world is now…Isaiah 5:20-21, and John 3:19-20 are right before our eyes, as we speak!
      And Ezekiel 37 also. Israel is wanting more millions of Jewish people to come home to Israel, even now. I will look up your City Reach Network, and check it out- Thanks. The church I attend is http://www.calvarychapelpearlharbor.com If you ever want some sermon ideas, just go to that sight, and click on Bible Studies. Our pastor teaches the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. And I love it! It takes us 3 or 4 months to go through a book on Sundays. Now, we are on Romans ch. 2 for next Sunday. That is an awesome Bible teaching Church!
      Where all were you stationed at for the AF? I was a West Coast sailor, spending most of my time in the Pacific area. Have a Jesus day, and write again, if you want to! I know God loves me, but I sometimes wonder why? Know what I mean? Aloha!……

    • IF you read the post, you would see that it is not about women, it is on the Evils of some feminists, and feminism in general! Read the whole post before you spout off about it! Thanks, pal…

      • Oh, I did read the post … pal … and also the comments.
        And it is a denigrating post…pal.
        You are no position to make a judgement call about what you consider to be the evils of feminism … Thanks, pal.

        And you still use the word hate. Ever wonder why ….pal?

      • So why do you think I am in “no position to make a judgement call about what you consider to be the evils of feminism” What, you think I can’t call a spade a spade??? pally pal?
        There is nothing “degenerating” about this post! It is less “degenerating” than some of the posts / comments you atheists/ humanists/evolutionists make!
        Why are you fascinated with the word hate? Your eyes are blinded from seeing the truth. Blinded by the god of this age-Satan!

      • Because you are making judgement calls on the role of women. Cast the mote and all that? Remember the text?
        And all you are doing is coming across as a misogynist arse of the first order.

        And to base this view on some sort of biblical/religious foundation merely enshrines your ignorance.

        I am not fascinated by the word hate at all. It is simply a word. But the implications are what the religious and especially fundamental Christians such as you who love to bandy the word largely in reference to non-believers when they are trying to shore up their unsubstantiated faith claims.

      • Lol…You are funny! Your lack of understanding of the truth is a judgement call that “enshrines your ignorance”
        The Bible, and the Biblical roles for men and women are set by God! The same God that you so foolishly choose not to believe in! That’s OK, you can believe whatever you want to. If you choose to not believe in the truth of God, that’s your choice! You will have a chance to tell God to His face what you think of Him some day. And it is safe to say that unless you repent of your foolishness & accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior, then you will NOT like the outcome of that meeting! And that is NOT a threat, it is a PROMISE, one that you can count on, because it will happen! Get wise & Repent now, while you still can!!! You have been warned- Ezekiel 33……..Have a nice life, for now!

      • I have, repeatedly!!! But you wouldn’t accept what I tell you anyway! Just look in a mirror. See the person staring back at you? There is all the evidence you need! But, due to your own biased view against God, you can’t accept that. You would rather believe in that lie called evolution!

        The burden is on YOU, atheist! Put up or go away…Prove to me why you foolishly believe there is no God!!!

      • I don’t consoider there are any gods , yours or anyone else’s, based on the evidence so far provided.
        Let me repeat that for you:
        Based on the eivdence provided.
        THis does not mean I categorically deny a creator deity, I deny that the evidecne that has been provided can be dismissed with impunity.
        Do You Understand, Now, Dale?
        Have You Got It?
        I sincerely hope so.
        Now, once more … if you have verifiable evidence for
        your god then please , let me see it/read it.

        However, if you are simply to espouse such vacuous gems as ”…look in the mirror.” or, ”… read the bible,” then all you are doing, Dale is simply peeing in the wind, my friend, and furthering the delusion that is evidence of the indoctrination you suffer from.

        So, verifiable evidence if you please.

      • If I showed you any, you would not understand! Because of your anti-God ideology. Do you understand now, Arky? Have YOU got it yet? I hope so!
        Your refusal to accept the truth that there is a God is as futile as you pissing in the wind, furthering your own foolishness…
        How much or what kind of evidence do you need to open your mind to the truth? I sure do hope You “get it” before God “dismisses you with impunity” For your sake………..Let me repeat that for you: When will you stop being foolish and accept the truth??? Now once more- Repent now, before it is too late for you!!!

      • The God of the Bible! Because Jesus is the only one that was able to pay the price for all sins, for anyone that chooses to believe in Him!

      • No, that is one God in 3 persons. And no, you will never understand it, that is far too complex for your evolutionary pea brain to comprehend…But, I won’t hold that against you!Maybe someday you will get wise!

      • That is another lie, that proves you have no clue what you are rambling on about! Your “wisdom” is foolishness in the eyes of God!
        You Fail!

      • Lie? Then please indicate i the bible where I can find the word Trinity.
        And while you are at it, please show me chapter and verse where Jesus of Nazareth
        a) mentions Original Sin
        b) where he says I am Yahweh

        And no cheating.

      • Why should I waste my time with you, you don’t want to know the truth…..
        You are right, the actual word Trinity is not in the Bible. The word was codified in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea, but the concept of the triune God (trinity) is found all through the bible, starting in Genesis 1:1… I can show you the answer to your other 2 questions very easily, but you said you were not interested in any Bible quotes. But, they are there…Will you grow up & stop being a foolish atheist if I show you? (we both know the answer to that question)

      • I know what the evidence reveals. This s where truth is found.
        The triune bears no reference to the biblical character, Jesus of Nazareth being Yahweh in human disguise.
        This is what Nicea did and it was eventually formalized by Theodosius.
        Learn the history, not the apologetics.

        If you truly believe I am some wet behind the ears rookie then you are sadly mistaken.
        Tell me, how do you square away your faith when the Pentateuch is considered historical fiction?

      • Archaeological evidence has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt the Pentateuch is historical fiction.
        I recommend you investigate the Settlement Pattern where it pertains to the biblical story of the Exodus.
        Hat would be a good start.

      • No it has not!!! Never has any archeological evidence been found that discredits the Bible! None,at all! Quite the contrary, everything proves the Bible is true! But again, you can’t handle the truth, because it makes your stories out for the lies that they are!
        Nice try, but FAIL!!!

  5. Hi, Dale! You can email me at usafbef@gmail.com if you like. I get emails from several folks on wordpress there. As for where I was stationed, I went to basic at Lackland because everyone does. My first tech school was Lowry in Denver, but it no longer exists. I was at Hill, followed by cross-training at Keesler. From there, I went to Homestead (which was wiped out by Hurricane Andrew), then Davis-Monthan, then Malmstrom. I went to Osan, Korea for a year, then back to Montana (because I didn’t freeze enough the first time). I finally went to Langley where I retired. I stayed in Virginia for over twenty years before I was sent to Pennsylvania. I was retired by then, but that whole “Army of God” thing is more true than some people realize. It really is like being in the military. I kept getting sent to places I didn’t want to go when I was in. I can only presume it was training for the day I was sent here!

    • Aloha Beth, Wow, nice variety of duty stations! Osan is the only place that I have been to on your list. Went there for a day trip during a Team Spirit exercise. The A.F. had a helo going there from Taegu
      (K-2)and some of us went there for a liberty trip! Great time!
      Yes, God has a way of sending us places to prepare for as of yet unknown future events, so that when they happen, we just say Wow, God is Amazing! I was stationed on ships in San Diego, then in the Philippines, then to more ships & stations here in Hawaii. That’s how I ended up here. Got married in the Philippines, and it took me 3 YEARS to do all the Legal paperwork to bring my wife to the US, then another 3 Years to bring her Mother here, Legally! So all the Illegals that flock across the border, and get all the free “handouts”and citizenship or green cards really annoys me! If they want to come here, fine, But do it Legally!!! But, that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms……
      Have a great weekend! Dale.

      Thanks for your e mail address, I will drop a line…

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