Do you refuse to love truth?

Do you refuse to love truth?.


8 responses to “Do you refuse to love truth?

  1. Thank you! It sure seems the atheists, evolutionists, humanists, and other God haters sure do get all bent out of shape over something they think doesn’t exist!! Lol….

    • Who hates god?
      Not me .I hate no gods. But,a great many religious people seem to have a predilection with hate, themselves.
      Why is this?
      I have never read or heard an atheist say they hated any god or any believer in a god.
      Yet judging from the hate mail someone like Dawkins get and the vitriol espoused by my god believers the hate all seems to be one way traffic – from the religious. And you have just demonstrated this in you previous comment.
      In the US almost the entire prison population is Christian. That should tell you something straight away.

  2. Ark- You say you don’t hate God, but your actions say otherwise! I have heard a lot of atheists/ humanists say that they hate God. At least they are being honest about it!
    >>>> But,a great many religious people seem to have a predilection with hate,<<<< I don't think so, perhaps that is the way you wish it to be? You can't handle the truth!….

  3. My actions? What actions?
    You have heard atheists say they hate god?
    Really? care to quote any?

    I reiterate, I do not hate any gods. ( or anything else for that matter.) I find the notion of hate contemptible. It is a self-destructive emotion unworthy of the energy required to exercise it, and it demonstrative of the immaturity of those who espouse it. And why would anyone I hate something have no belief in? How silly would that be?

    Yes, many Christians do appear to have a predilection with hate – you will find the word used – (often against atheists) all across the internet on Christian forums, and if you would like to watch a perfect example, then this video illustrates the point.
    Remember: These writers are Christian , Dale. Your ”brethren”.
    Something to ponder before you formulate your next reply, perhaps?

    As for truth?
    Well, you have yet to demonstrate that what you believe in is based on any sort of truth.
    But I am open to be persuaded.
    If you have you any verifiable evidence I am more than willing to look at it. Have you got any?

  4. I have, you just don’t want to see the truth!
    I don’t know where Dawkins got those ‘letters’ from,but the comments on that video show your side to be just as hateful as any of the letters Dawkins read!

  5. Yes, you do hate God! Or else why would you keep on posting all those comments you have put on other blogs? I have seen a lot of them, and you may not think you hate, but you do! You are only lying to yourself on that one!

    • I have never said or alluded to anything that suggested I hate anything.
      Once again, it is all one way traffic.
      But if you can direct me to a single atheist that has said I hate god then I will apologise.

      So, to be perfectly clear, I do not hate any god.
      Why would I hate anything I have no belief in?

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