Judging Others- We ARE to judge by the fruit….But Be Careful!


8 responses to “Judging Others- We ARE to judge by the fruit….But Be Careful!

  1. I have been ”Spammed” on Wally’s blog, but if you would like to continue the conversation here on your blog, by all means.
    You were saying I am angry at your god. Why on earth would I be angry at something I did not believe in?

    Awesome header photo of the tanker.

    • That was the pourpose of the cartoon to begin with…To ask why some non-believers seem to get so upset at something they think does not exist or they don,t believe in! I don’t know…Are you “angry” or not, My question is why do you not believe in God? Usually, it seems there is some underlying reason that makes one choose to not believe in God.

      Thanks for the compliment on the picture! We were in the Indian Ocean, heading to Australia then.

      • No one can say whether or not there is a creator deity. And I don’t.Our knowledge/understanding usually stops at the Big Bang.
        My knowledge also stops there – my understanding stops way before! I am no cosmologist.
        Needless to say it is no crime to say ”I don’t know.” Which is what I do say.
        I firmly believe the answers have not been resolved yet.
        And until they are, via sufficient evidence, I do not believe to ethical to place something in the gap and declare it fact.

  2. Oh,but there IS a Creator God! The evidence is overwhelming, that very much proves the existence of God! Just look at yourself in the mirror, or study the human anatomy.Our bodies are such complex, wonderfully designed, living organisms, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to have “evolved” or anything short of being designed & created by an Intelligent & Loving God. Take our eyes- Such a complex & wonderful design, and everything had to be there, complete & in place, or else our eyes would NEVER work! And our Heart- Such an efficient machine, self powered, built in capacity control function. It pumps Millions & Millions of gallons of blood over our lifetime. To even think that it could have “evolved” is a ridiculous absurdity of the highest order! And EVERYTHING about our planet & everything on it. Everything is FAR too Perfect to have “randomly evolved” Besides, Evolution itself is an absurdity, a science fiction fairy tale. Evolution is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, no matter how many trillions of years you want to give it! And don’t even start with the lie about all the “scientific evidence” for evolution, because it is all FRAUDULENT!!!
    The “evidence” was all concocted from someone’s imagination, because the Atheist/Humanist had to have some way to remove GOD from our Creation & Origins of Life. Please see my blog titled Why do Evolutionists Believe in the Religion of Evolution?

    Truthfully, evolution is at war with God, because there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that the 2 can coexist! And yes, there is a lot of “Churches” that think it is OK, but they are wrong! The ones that do agree with evolution have compromised their beliefs, to foolishly attempt to reconcile themselves with the “science” that has produced the “evidence” of evolution. And NO, Creationists are NOT against science, at all! It is the atheist/humanist/evolutionist that has hijacked true Science in favor of their evolutionary dogma and propaganda.This is proved every time they refuse to even CONSIDER to look at the Creationist point of view- It is shut down, ridiculed, and flat out denied by everyone. And if you aren’t willing to take an honest look at both sides of the issue, then it is NOT Science, it becomes a one- sided indoctrination! And another point on that issue- IF the Creation Science really is as far-fetched as the evolutionists want everyone to believe, then WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF?????? Why not show both sides, and let people decide for themselves??? If they have such an airtight case for evolution, again WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF???
    I know the answer to that one- If the Creation side was honestly presented with the evolution side, people would THINK, and realise the fact that the evolutionists are FULL OF SHIT!!! But they don’t want people to see both sides & think for themselves, because they know they are selling snake oil! And there is lots more that could be said, but I won’t, for now.
    As for your saying that you don’t know for sure if there is a Creator or not, that is partially honest, and I can respect that. BUT the Truth is that there IS Plenty of evidence for a Creator God, but for whatever reason you want to use, you just don’t see it, perhaps because you don’t want to see it???….That is Totally up to you- You are free to believe anything you want to, and I am NOT trying to change your mind on that. I just want to get you to THINK for yourself, and not let all the anti- God forces out there make up your mind for you! Again, there is So Much evidences that prove beyond any doubt that there IS a Creator God, and He Loves You Very Much!!!
    But,if you chose to not see all the evidence, then that is your choice!
    Just remember- Your choice to accept OR reject God is YOUR Choice, and Yours Alone, as are the consequences of your choice to accept or reject God are Yours & Yours Alone
    You are free to make your choice. I will not try to influence your decision, I just want you to have enough information to make an Honest & Informed decision.
    You will never get me to change my decision,because I don’t have near enough Faith to be an atheist or believe in evolution!!! It takes a HUGE faith to believe the lies of evolution!!! And that Big Bang you mentioned—That has NOT happened YET, but it is coming soon!
    2 Peter 3:10

    IF you want to have further discussion, that’s fine with me! But, let’s agree to keep it FRIENDLY- No name calling or Insults, please. Both ways. I will admit that might be hard for me, but I will try!
    How is the weather wherever you are at? Are you in the USA? Snowed under? Our weather is a perfect 84′ here in Hawaii……..

  3. No, this is not evidence. Merely polemic. And you have simply asserted opinion.
    First, if you wish to make the assertion there is a creator deity I am not going to argue the point.
    I have no idea what lies beyond the Big Bang. Who does?
    If you wish to believe there is a deity, or some sort of creative force. No problems.
    Doesn’t affect me in the least.
    But if you are trying to assert this deity is an interventionist deity then you must produce evidence of this and reveal your source.
    And you don’t need to write in caps either. I can read but I don’t respond well to posts that are thousands of words long that read simply like rants either.

    I live in South Africa.

    • Yes, that very much IS evidence! You just choose to not see it that way, because you are blinded to the truth by your atheistic “agenda” That would (and does) destroy the evolutionary model that atheists hold so dearly to, because evolution (tries to) remove God from the equation of how we got here!
      The “Big Bang has not happened yet, but it is coming soon!
      (2 Peter 3:10) I know Bible verses mean nothing to you, but trust me- the day will come when you will wish you had read it, and repented of your sins! And that is NOT a threat, but rather a Promise!!! Just as sure as you are breathing air now, that day will come!!!
      Again, the proof & evidence of God is there, you just chose to IGNORE it! Because you can’t handle the truth!
      Sorry if your attention span is so short that you can’t handle more than a paragraph or two at a time! And that was NOT a rant, but I am speaking the truth to you! If you chose not to accept that, then that is YOUR Choice, and Yours Alone! Likewise, the consequences for rejecting the truth of Jesus will be YOURS and YOURS ALONE!!!

      Oh, the Capital (Upper case) letters are just my way to emphasise a word here and there…Not yelling!

      The Truth is NOT on your side, Jesus IS the Truth! Have a nice day!

      ……………………………………………………………………..Sailor Dale

      I have been to Angola, back in ’08…….

  4. Nope. You simply continue to trot out polemic. You are obviously ignorant of history and archaeology, or chooses to ignore the evidence.
    If you wish to have a rational grown up conversation regarding your beliefs and what they are based on, fine.
    But simply reciting biblical text to me, an atheist, is merely evidence of your obvious indoctrination and inability to exercise critical thought in this regard.

    While there may well have been a 1st century eschatological preacher named Yashua – Josephus names a couple – the biblical character, Jesus of Nazareth is simply a narrative construct for whom there is absolutely no contemporary evidence whatsoever.
    May I ask when you became ”re-born” and what it was that caused this ”revelation”?
    Were you by chance struggling with any form of addiction or emotional issues?
    And once again, I read fine. There really is no need to write in caps. It merely makes the writing looking somewhat stilted, as if you don’t even believe it yourself and have to emphasize ordinary words to reinforce this belief.
    I read fine. Comprendez vous?

  5. It is you that can’t handle the truth! You chose to ignore the evidence because your anti-God bias demands that you be blinded to the truth!
    History & Archeology disproves none of the Biblical truths…None of them.
    Every single scientist, biologist, or anyone else that spews evolution is simply wrong! They are doing it because of their anti God biased viewpoints or beliefs. And I would tell any of them right to their faces!
    I do not care what kind of fancy titles or degrees they may have. If you believe in evolution, you are wrong. Plain & Simple. And no, I have no scientific background or college degrees. I am just a High School graduate. But I have the common sense to understand the truth, and recognize BS when I see it!!! And evolution IS B.S. of the highest order!
    I don’t have enough faith to believe in evolution! It takes MORE faith to believe we evolved than it takes to believe we were Created by a Loving God!
    The lies & garbage that some of the evolutionists /atheists /humanists spew is comical- yet they actually believe some of that stuff they want to call facts??? Lol…Lol…Fail, Ultimate Fail!

    Again, there is volumes of evidence that proves Jesus was exactly who He claimed He was.Even secular sources, apart from the Bible.
    But, again, you chose to ignore or not believe the truth, because
    I pray for you, that you wise up & repent of your foolish beliefs, because someday it will be too late for you! And thus, you will have sent yourself to an eternal hell.
    God loves You, and He set up the guidelines for anyone to go to Heaven. He even sent His Son to pay the price for you. You must either accept OR reject Jesus. That choice is yours and yours alone! As are the consequences for your rejection of God’s offer…Yours, and Yours Alone!!! Chose Wisely- You only get one choice…………

    Sorry, long post. I hope you can handle it………..

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