The Awful Seriousness of Sin


Many of us weep over wars, calamity, destruction, and worldly disasters. When we witness the homeless on the streets, or for some, if nature is being ruined and animals are neglected we are deeply moved and heavy-hearted feeling we should do more to help. And when we or someone we know is stricken with sickness we cry out in agony begging for healing.

All these emotions when encountered with such scenarios is quite normal for the human race. However, it is a definite sign of our love for Christ when these emotions are present when we Sin. For any person who has committed their life to Him will acknowledge Sin as not just a crime against ourselves but the Almighty Creator of the Universe, and the idea of betraying and hurting Christ who has already suffered and died for our sins should bring us to our knees, banging our chest, pleading for mercy (see: Luke 18:9-14).

Ask yourself: Do you weep over your Sins as much as you weep for calamity and destruction? Are you deeply moved and heavy-hearted, begging for mercy and forgiveness, asking God to give you the strength to avoid and remove Sin from your lifestyle? And do you cry out to the Lord pleading for healing from your disease of Sin in the same manner of agonizing appeal when we or someone we know is stricken with sickness?

The wonderful gift we received when Jesus Christ suffered and died on that cross is the Forgiveness of Sins, and in knowing that we should leap for joy, rejoicing that our Sins has been taken away.

Unfortunately because of the feel-good, emotionally-filled entertainment, and worldly psychological influences that has entered the Christian church, Sin is overlooked, and in most cases avoided in its sermons…In fact, the “forgiveness of sin” has turned into nothing but a magical, genie-in-the-bottle command that we, through our own authority direct God to bestow upon us. And because the idea is to “simply ask for forgiveness” without any remorse or changes to our lifestyle, we end up sinning even more.

A.W. Tozer illustrates clearly in today’s devotional the awful Seriousness of Sin that so many of us have forgotten. I pray it helps us realize the destructive power sin can do, not just to our physical lives here on earth, but our eternal lives as well.

In Christ.


The Awful Seriousness of Sin

Go to God’s Word and you will find that sin is the most pressing, the most compelling, the most imperative problem in human life and society. The most pressing problem is not sickness. It is not war. It is not poverty. Sin is the basic problem because sin has to do with a person’s soul. Sin does not relate merely to a person’s short years on this earth. It involves that person’s eternal future and the world to come.

No one has ever overstated the seriousness of the sin question. It is a question that continues age after age. It comes to every human being: “What am I going to do about sin?” That question takes precedence over all other questions that we are called upon to answer. Whether we are world famous or an unnamed member of the human race, we must make confession concerning our relationship with sin.

If each of us is willing to be honest, we will answer, “I have been involved in sin. I have played along with it. I have taken it to my bosom and it has stung me. The virus of sin has entered my life stream. It has conditioned my mind; it has affected my judgment. I confess I have been a deliberate collaborator with sin.”

But sin is more than a disease. It is a deformity of the spirit, an abnormality in that part of human nature which is most like God’s. And sin is a capital crime as well. It is treason against the great God Almighty who made the heavens and the earth. Sin is a crime against the moral order of the universe. Each time a man or woman strikes against God’s moral nature and kingdom, he or she acts against the moral government of the entire universe.

A.W. Tozer



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