My Response to Gun Violence

It is very sad that so many people are killed in needless events. But, to just blame the guns will never properly address the real issue involved.

Blaming guns is taking the easy way out, because they are an  inanimate objects that do nothing unless someone picks one up and uses it in an improper manner.

The real issues are many and complex. First and foremost, we must address the PEOPLE that use guns/bats/knives/clubs or whatever weapon is available. The hardest question is WHY did a person goes off the deep end & goes on a killing rampage! We tend to ignore that, and not do anything until someone goes nuts on us. The first issue we MUST address is the glorification of violence in society now, be it TV, movies, video games, abortion, or anything else. We NEED to stop that, because it DOES have an effect on people, whether we want to admit it or not!

Look at abortion- I know that will get some howls of protest, but it is still cold blooded murder of an innocent human being! We have proven facts that show life begins at conception. You might disagree, but you are WRONG!!! We are taught that if we get a girl pregnant, and it is inconvenient to keep the baby, no problem, just kill it! Society has no value on life, we first get that from this lie we teach in school called evolution! Kids are taught that we are just a “random, cosmic accident, with no reason or purpose / meaning. They also lack any respect for the Law and authority today. So then why do you get so upset when a kid acts out on what he is taught (brainwashed) all his life? Life has no meaning, right evolutionists? You got the 10 Commandments removed from schools, using the LIE of “separation of church and state”, because if the kids read them they just might follow them…..

And we (wrongfully think) are so “intelligent” that we do not need God anymore, so let’s remove all traces of God from the public square, or anywhere else…You might think that I am just a religious wacko, but before you dismiss everything I said I challenge you to THINK about it, because it is true, and it makes a LOT of sense! Another people issue that is a hard one to address is the mental health issue. The ACLU, in their ignorant stupidity has made it so hard to diagnose & treat the issue, in their misguided case for the “rights” of the mentally ill people, that they can now roam the streets unaided, because we can’t offend them, or even say they are mentally ill, we must use some soft, flowery euphemism to hide the sickness, so they won’t be embarrassed by society. I could go on & on, but this post is long beyond the attention span of most of society today as it is! That reminds me of another problem that NEEDS to be addressed, but won’t be, because it is easier to blame guns…The way society is now so much in the short attention span mode, everyone is taught INSTANT GRATIFICATION, that we no longer have the patience or desire to work and save to achieve anything, we have to have it NOW!!! Remember being in a McDonald’s or some other place and they say we will have to wait 2 minutes for the food to cook??? Really, 2 minutes, and we get all huffy about it?? When a society no longer has the patience to wait for anything, that IS a contributing factor that needs to be addressed!

And finally, back to the guns issue…You like to blame guns, because they are being wrongfully used to kill so many people, but that is just a Progressive/Socialist “feel good” solution that will accomplish the opposite effect they are trying to accomplish. It never gets any mentions that more than triple the amount of people that are SAVED from a violent crime by the presence of guns than are killed in a crime. The justice system is way too lenient on criminals that use guns in a crime, no thanks to the ACLU again, and other misfit, evil organizations like them that give the criminals more rights than the crime victims!!! When someone is guilty, and we all know it, like the shooters today, why does it take so long to punish them? Kids have no respect for their parents or elders, or the law now, since we have eliminated any consequences for misbehavior, we can’t spank them, or anything else that might hurt their “self-esteem”, so they run wild, with no fear of anything or anyone!!! Again, that is from removing GOD from the public square, the kids don’t fear GOD and do not care that they (AS WE ALL WILL) will stand before God one day, and give an account of our lives…I know, it’s that GOD thing again, that we are so far foolishly above anything to do with Him!!!

And if you STILL want to blame the guns, well far more people are killed by doctors and Big Medicine every year than are killed by guns!!! Also more are killed by drunk drivers.

Where is your outrage over those issues that each kill double the number every year that guns do??? So, if you have read all of this, thank you, and I hope you really THINK about it before you dismiss me, and what I have said!  Going after the guns will do NOTHING!!!


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