About the Colorado Theater Shooting

Police say Holmes had Batman mask

From a newspaper in November 2013…..


CENTENNIAL, Colo. – The defendant in the

Colorado Movie Theater shooting had the day

of the attack marked “with a unique symbol”

on a calendar, a Batman mask and a violent

drawing in his apartment, according to

testimony Wednesday.

The discoveries were revealed during a

>>>>Pre-trial hearing????

on whether evidence seized

from the apartment after the shooting can be

introduced at James Holmes’ trial.

There was no testimony regarding the

significance of the items. “The Dark Knight

Rises,” the most recent Batman movie, was

showing as 12 people were killed and 70

others were wounded in the July 2012

cold blooded massacre.

Holmes’ attorneys have acknowledged their

client was the gunman, but he has pleaded not

guilty by reason of insanity to murder and

related charges.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty

and will have to prove he was sane during the

attack.       WTF?????

  1. Why is this case ONLY at a PRE-Trial stage 16 Months AFTER the shooting??? (as of this article- I have been away at work for a while)
  2. Why does the prosecutor have to prove he was sane??? The burden of proof should be on the Defender to prove he was insane….
  3. WHY IS THIS SCUMWAD STILL ALIVE??? He should have been executed the SAME DAY as his murderous rampage!!!

THIS is why we do NOT need ANY MORE GUN LAWS…The ones we already have are NOT ENFORCED!!!


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