You wonder why God allows such evil?

               Because God allowed…?

… The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham was interviewed in an American TV show, called “Early Show,” and the host, Jane Clayson, asked: “How could God let the disaster in New York and its consequences might occur?”.

Anne Graham responded extremely deep and penetrating: “-I believe that God is deeply hurt by everything that happened, just as we are, but for years we told God out of our schools, get out of our Government, and to get out from our lives. And gentleman who is, I think he was quietly released. How can we expect God to give us his blessing, and his protection if we demand that you leave us alone? ”

Let’s see, I think that everything is started when Madeline Murray O’Hare (Note: that was murdered, and her body was discovered recently), he complained, because he did not want you pray in American schools, and Americans have said OK.

Then someone else said it would be better not to read the Bible in American schools. That same Bible that says: “do not kill, do not steal, love your neighbor as yourself …”, and the Americans have said OK.

Then Dr. Benjamin Spock said that parents should not spank their children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be altered, and their self-esteem damaged, and the world says: “an expert should know what they’re talking about.”, and said OK. (Note: it should be noted that the son of Dr. Spock committed suicide.) Then, in America, someone said that teachers, principals, and deans would do better not to chastise children when they misbehave. And school administrators have said that no Member should touch a student school when behaves badly, because the school didn’t need any bad publicity, or even of subpoenas. And Americans have said OK.

Then, in many countries of the world, someone said: “let our daughters abort their own babies, if they want to, without even notifying her parents.” And the world says OK.

Then some wise school teacher said: “given that the boys will be boys, and they will do it anyway, we give our children all the condoms they want, so they can have fun as they want. And the world says OK.

Then, the more elected officials around the world have said that no matter what a person does in private, although it is a Governor, as long as there is occupation, and work. And the world, agree with them, said that no matter what anyone does privately, including Presidents, as long as there is work, and the economy goes well, and he said OK.

Then the world said: we print newspapers with photos of nude women and call it all “comprehensive and realistic appreciation of the beauty of the female body”. And the world says OK.

Then someone else brought this appreciation one step further, and has published photos of naked children, and he also made available on the net. And the world says OK.

You have permission to shoot movies and television shows that promote profanity, violence and illicit sex. You can record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and Satanic themes. And the world has called them “entertainment”, and said it has no side effects, and that no one, however, takes it seriously, and then said OK.

Now we wonder why our children have no conscience, because they don’t know how to distinguish good from evil and why shoot easily strangers, classmates, and themselves. Probably, if you think well, you will find an answer. I think the reason has a lot to do with: “what man has sown, that again shall reap” (Galatians 6: 7).

Question: “Dear God, why don’t you save the girl who was killed in an American school?
Sincerely, concerned Student “.
REPLY: “Dear Student concerned, I am not allowed to enter American schools. Sincerely, God “.

It is sad that many people get rid of God, and then they want to know why the world is going to hell.

It is sad that we believe what the newspapers tell us, but we doubt what the Bible says.

It is sad that many want to go to heaven, but without having to believe, think, say or do what the Bible commands.

It is sad that many people say: “I believe in God”, but continue to follow Satan, who, among other things, also believes in God.

We are quick to judge, but we would not be judged.

It is sad that you send thousands of jokes through email, and they expand like wildfire, but when it comes to email that speak of Christ, you think twice before doing so it is sad that the indecent, the raw, the vulgar, and obscene travel freely on the Internet, but public discussion of God is suppressed in schools, and work.

It is sad that someone can be so fired up for Jesus on Sunday, but being a Christian invisible to the rest of the week.




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