The Message of Jesus

The message of Jesus Christ was to warn us all of judgment and hell. Over 60 % of His messages warned mankind of sin, judgment and death… Everyone is under judgment until they receive Him as the Son of God, repent of your sin and follow Him, period… And telling others His message is our Christian purpose, or mandate. So what if people will call you names or not like you. If everyone likes you, you don’t stand for anything.

Jesus Christ’s message is not a social gospel of inclusiveness. It is very narrow!

Sin is our problem period… Jesus Christ IS God the Son, The Son of God! Not some rambling itinerant prophet, full of feel good stories. His primary message was that we all need to repent and turn away from what He determined was sin and unbelief, and follow Him, and His word, not some form or religion or trying to be good.  Hey, if you do not accept the message, that is your decision. But trying to be nice to you so you will like me is nonsense. If I have the cure for cancer and do not give it, I am not a good guy. Conversely, Sin is our cancer. Saving someone from aids while seeing him lose his soul is foolish; it certainly is not biblical love. Help him with his aids, but warn him of his sin. If you hate me for telling you the message of Jesus Christ, so be it, but in reality, you hate Him.


    We should keep our voices alive in the public square, our workplace and cities, revealing the truths we have been entrusted with by our Lord. Live it out, and then speak the word. Do not worry about the outcome. Just be faithful…In His eyes, right is still right and evil is still evil, i.e. abortion, sexual promiscuity and all manner of evil thoughts and conduct. All mankind is encumbered with a sinful nature and requires forgiveness and redemption from sin. Jesus Christ transcends time and space and as such, His message endures forever, in every culture, generation through generation. It is a mistake to think we need to help God or make His word palatable because of today’s postmodern world we live in. He has seen our time, anticipated it. Stay faithful to the Lord and His Word, rightly divided, and do not accept the watered down, social and liberal gospel today that is being foisted upon the church, the media and public square. We have the true revelation of God, and do not require the Gospel to be watered down to please or include everyone, because it never will!


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    • Thanks, Brother!
      I am glad you found me! My blog is not fancy or colorful, I just post the truth according to the Bible that I read everyday…Please share my blog with anyone you want to- All Praise & Glory to God, but I will take any criticism anyone may have. Praise Jesus & Aloha….

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