Written by ME!
I have studied Islam and other world religions, and I can definitely say that Islam is a false religion, inspired by Satan. One of Satan’s biggest tricks is to get people to take their eyes off the real, true Jesus!
Here is all the evidence you need to back that up: Jesus Christ…..
Islam’s “Jesus” is just a prophet, one among many, and inferior to Mohammad at that.
Not the son of God, or God Incarnate, to be worshiped as God. In Islam, Allah has no sons, and to worship Jesus would be committing the sin of “shirk”, or worshiping something else as God…….says Islam.
Jesus of the Bible IS the Son of God, and He IS the Incarnate God, very worthy of worship!!! The Real True Jesus (the Biblical Jesus) IS 100% God and 100% Man, thus He IS the God Man, Son of God, & Son of Man, and our ONLY way for Salvation. Born of the virgin birth, lived a sinless life, died on the Cross, and Bodily (Physically) Resurrected on the third day.!!!!!! As is correctly stated and proven in the Bible, AND in secular writings from that time period.
The Biblical Jesus is 100% opposite of the Islamic Jesus from the Quran!!! So much opposite that there is NO reconciling of the different Jesus’ of Islam & Christianity….
One of the versions of Jesus is a LIE, as they both can NOT be correct!!! I know that GOD can NOT lie, yet one Jesus IS a lie! And the Bible has been validated as divine rather than human in origin, so that is a fact that people can & will ignore to their own peril…..
So one of the “gods” IS a liar…..Jesus IS the Son of God, as the Bible says correctly!
The Quran says that Jesus is not God, the Son of God or the Holy Spirit.
That difference alone is enough to prove that Islam IS a False Religion, Mohammad IS a False prophet, and Allah IS a False God!!!The Quran says that Allah can’t lie, but he IS lying about Jesus. There are lots of other differences between God & Allah that just do not line up with the true nature of God, Allah is not the God of the Bible, and the Biblical God can NOT be Allah!!!
Please check the facts for yourself, and you will see that this is true & accurate.
All the cults start their doctrinal errors with the denial of the Deity of Jesus, that Jesus IS 100% GOD AND 100% MAN. Also with the denial of the Trinity, that there is ONE God, manifested in 3 “who’s”-
God the Father, God the Son, & God the Spirit. The name “Trinity”
was originated by man, at the Council of Nicea, in 325 A.D. But the concept of the Triune God is demonstrated all throughout the Bible, starting with the very first verse…Genesis 1:1. We will never be able to fully understand the Triune nature of God, BUT there is enough there to allow us to comprehend it
All other doctrinal errors skew from that central point!



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